Cannot see Fetch Mighty on network


I have 2 Beyonwiz PVRs which I can browse on my network using my MacBook. I also have a couple of other networked devices which I can see. My Fetch Mighty has never shown up on the network. It seems to work fine & I have no issues with streaming etc but I cannot understand why I cannot see it on my network. I know the IP address but if I try to connect using something like smb:// I cannot login to it.


I also have windows installed on my MacBook & it is the same, I cannot see it at all. I would have thought that it would just "be visible" like the other devices. It was suggested that I use VLC media player to see if it is there under UPnP but the other PVRs are there but not the Fetch Mighty. Can anyone tell me how I can resolve this?

Re: Cannot see Fetch Mighty on network


Hi there @manc, when did you first notice the issue? 


Back in November, we were advised of the following issue.


My Media Hub - DLNA feature unavailable for firmware 2.21


Customers with firmware 2.21 attempting to stream content wirelessly from ‘My Media Hub’ using DLNA feature will experience playback issues.


The issue is expected to be resolved in the next the firmware 2.22


My understanding is that customers were still able to connect to their Fetch STB but were receiving a playback error prompt. That's different to the issue you're describing. 



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Re: Cannot see Fetch Mighty on network


This is not about the media hub, I can access that. I cannot see my Fetch Mighty from my network on my Mac or in Windows  I have never seen it since I first got the unit.


Other people have told me that the Fetch Mighty should just be be visible on my network through finder or Windows Explorer. Could it be faulty? 

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