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Cancelling an order

I requested to have my broadband and Entertainment package reconnected at a new address it is going to take a month. I have sent messages in the app to cancel but not getting any is not in contract
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Re: Cancelling an order

Hey @Hindmarsh, I'm sorry you've had some trouble getting through about cancelling your order.

Please note that right now we're definitely dealing with the impacts of COVID-19, so we're prioritising customers/enquiries about the following:

  • you can’t make or receive calls,
  • you don’t have a working internet connection,
  • you’re struggling financially, or need to report unusual activity related to your service or
  • you need help due to a medical condition.

This means it will take longer than usual to get in touch about other issues or requests.

In the mean time, you can find more information on this on our Coronavirus Support page. 

We appreciate your patience.

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