Can we swop Free optus Sports for Free STAN instead?


We have been with OPTUS for over 30 years and were informed we were TOP customers and could have free OPTUS Sports linked to our account. OnlY troble is we don't use Sports so were wondering if we can get Free STAN instead. Has anyone been able to achieve this?


Re: Can we swop Free optus Sports for Free STAN instead?

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It doesn't cost Optus anything to give you free Optus Sports. In fact most "free" offers are usually just designed to get you using a service or product you originally had no interest in and will hopefully end up paying for once you get hooked on it. Optus would have to pay Stan $14 a month to give it to you for "free". I don't see that happening anytime soon Smiley Sad Nice to see they're looking after long standing customers still.


If you are on the NBN its probably worth looking around at all the offers other RSPs have. Optus is now heavily invested in providing certain content and all customers ultimately pay for it (in monthly pricing) even if they don't have any interest in it. Another RSP might just offer basic high speed interenet for $20 less. Join Stan yourself and pocket $5 profit.


Peter Gillespie

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