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New Contributor RokerRooDave
New Contributor

Can the Might Fetch pick up Free to Air yet ?

I am a long time Fetch user, and was forced to moved over to an NBN package.

With the package I was entitled to a new Mighty Fetch box, but the Optus Tech advised to hold off as there was issues with the new boxes picking up Free to Air Channels.

I could see loads of posts confirming this.

I also confirmed this when I installed my 84 year old mothers new Might Fetch and we could no longer pick up Free to Air Channels  via Fetch.


Since the new Mighty Fetch is wireless, I am keen to get it, but am waiting to hear if the Free to Air issue is fixed from OPTUS.


Does anyone know if the Free to Air issue with the Might Fetch boxes is fixed yet ?

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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Can the Might Fetch pick up Free to Air yet ?

Hey @RokerRooDave, thanks for coming through!


That's a perfectly valid concern. I don't believe the FTA issue is impacting each and every Fetch Mighty customer. At this time we have roughly 150 customers attached to fault ticket - 16208454. We'd actually asked a number of customers to participate in helping us test a possible work around.


These customers have been sent non-power pass Antenna splitters. Of the 11 customers we'd sent out splitters to; 11 customers 5 have confirmed it has resolved the issue, 2 say issue still occurring and 4 are unconfirmed.




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