Can't access Free to Air Channels 9 and 10 on Optus Fetch


Have been struggling with consistent access to Free to Air channels since I signed up to Optus Fetch 1.5 years ago!  Used to travel a lot for work so wasn't a priority issue to fix but now am home full-time and so frustrated. Called Optus and was told they had no technician to come over to fix the issue.  I hired my own TV technician to come in to confirm that the antenna signal is strong - and we also replaced the antenna cable running to the TV.  For a brief two weeks during the Australian Open -  I was thankfully able to access Channel Nine but not Channels 7 or 10, and as of last week cannot access Channels Nine and Ten even after REPEATED channel scans.


Am losing patience with Optus Fetch even though I otherwise really like the product. Can someone PLEASE help me.



Re: Can't access Free to Air Channels 9 and 10 on Optus Fetch


Any luck when going through our troubleshooting steps for Fetch Free-to-Air?

Other suggestions can be found on this recent thread.

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