Can Optus Sport stream 1080p Full HD at 60fps yet?


I watch the Premier League and Champions League either on my phone or my computer and both stream fine but I was wondering if and when Optus was going to upgrade it's video streaming quality to at least 1080p, I know asking for 60fps is a bit of a push right now but the USA and the UK are already streaming live football matches at 4K @ 60fps.  


I have a 4K tv I bought specifically for watching sports but it seems like such a waste because we can't even stream live sports in 1080p let alone 4K.


Please if you can give us an update on this matter and whether or not Optus has plans for 2019 to make this possible, for a developed nation like Australia we are a bit slow and behind in technology.

Re: Can Optus Sport stream 1080p Full HD at 60fps yet?


At this stage, for the best viewing experience we're offering is 1080i over a satellite service  @BanterFC. Obviously, it’s not an option for everyone.


Completely get that there's a demand for a 1080p capable stream, but I've received no communication to suggest that it's in the works.


As we come into the new broadcast agreement, I'm sure it's something that they're considering, but like I said – no word. From my own personal experience, I've found Fetch to offer the best viewing experience, 720p with my Mini set to 50Hz


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Re: Can Optus Sport stream 1080p Full HD at 60fps yet?


@Dan_C Any updates on this?

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