Can I watch my optus fetch TV online?


Hi - Anyone know if I can watch fetch tv channels online, like i can with Stan?

Re: Can I watch my optus fetch TV online?


Hi @Nickoras - There are some restrictions (such as no free to air), but yes. Just install the mobile app.



Re: Can I watch my optus fetch TV online?




how about on a desktop/laptop computer.  If someone else is using the tv, I would still like to be able to watch things like the Premier League I am paying for access to.

Re: Can I watch my optus fetch TV online?


G'day @bcook, you're not able to stream Fetch content on a desktop/laptop. However, you can download the Fetch companion app and stream on your mobile device. 


The Fetch mobile app acts as a companion to your Fetch TV set top box. You can connect up to 3 mobile devices to your account and use them to control your Fetch set top boxes, stream Fetch content, and set recordings while on the go.


Optus Sport is in a category of its own. You can watch Optus Sport on a web browser by  logging into your Optus Sport account.


For more ways to watch, check out our Ways to Watch support article. 


If you have any other questions, shout out Smiley Happy 


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Re: Can I watch my optus fetch TV online?

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