Can I swap my fetch mini for a fetch mighty?


Hi there!


I recently signed up for the Optus Ultra/Ultimate Entainment Bundle, the very same bundle my ex-fiance had before we split and she moved out. The problem is when her fetch box arrived it was a mighty, but mine arrived and obviously isn't haha.

I work unconventional hours and NEED the ability to record tv shows or I miss them completely. Catch up is useless for this as none/few of the shows I'm interested in are included in that particular service.


So the question is: Is it possible to swap the fetch mini in for a fetch mighty? I was led to believe that the bundle I'm on would have come with the mighty as standard in any case and quite frankly the mini just doesn't meed my needs.


Thanks in advance Smiley Happy

Re: Can I swap my fetch mini for a fetch mighty?


Hi @ZaackieChan,


Sorry to hear it didn't work out, but it was probably for the best.


FYI the Mighty and Mini are tied to the plan you are on. If you ever leave Optus then the units must be returned to Optus (as they are only leased). At this stage I would be clarifying your finances with Optus and either she or you should take over the payment plan. Its quite easy to transfer responsibility for the bill (so long as you are both amicable). 


So work out who is getting the Optus plan and that person also gets the Fetch Mighty (as they're paying for it). The other person will presumably need to get a new plan anyway to get internet at their new place. 


If you want to / have to try keep the current arrangement going then you can request a second mighty anytime (I think it will ad $20 to your monthly bill). Note its leased so you have to return it when you leave Optus.


Another option is you can buy a Fetch from places liek Harvey Norman for $400. Its yours to keep then. And you can record all the FTA channels forever. You also contract direct with Fetch so you can subscribe to their channels. You just can't get any Optus Fetch channel offers.


Peter Gillespie

Re: Can I swap my fetch mini for a fetch mighty?


Sorry, I might not have been clear. When she moved out she took both the fetch box AND her connection with her.

I now have a new connection all of my own, and a fetch mini that I recently received in the mail. I was under the impression that signing up for the ultra plan would get me a fetch mighty, not the fetch mini? Is there a way for me to make a swap? There is no third party involved. Sorry again if I was unclear to start with

Re: Can I swap my fetch mini for a fetch mighty?


No probs. It seems you signed up for this plan?




In which case, a mini is the go. However Optus are fine with you upgrading it for another $5 a month.




Just ask on LIVECHAT




Peter Gillespie

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