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Buffering in Netflix


Have just joined Netflix and am using Safari on a Macbook Pro. I can only watch the first 20 minutes of any show then it starts buffering - circle continues indefinitely. When I log off and on /shut down and restart it is still unable to play. I can watch the first 20 minutes or so of any program - one after another. They never come off buffering.


I called Netflix and they said it was a DNS problem and to call Optus. My speed is 33 so it is fine.


Anyone got any clues?


Also - even though the speed is 33 mpbs will a problem occur (buffering) if too many people are trying to use the tower at one time?



Re: Buffering in Netflix


Its something other then buffering as if needs to buffer for you to watch the first 20 minutes.


Have you tried with a browser other then safari?

Does the internet still work for other websites when netflix fails? 

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Re: Buffering in Netflix



What happens when you stream on your smartphone from the Netflix app?

If that still buffers would show a problem with data speeds.

You could also manually change the DNS address on you MacBook to one of these addresses: / / 




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Re: Buffering in Netflix



Thanks. It must have been Safari. The Netflix person tried suggesting a few settings changes but none worked. It's now ok on Firefox.



Re: Buffering in Netflix


Hi Dave


I switched from Safari to Firefox and the problem seems to have been fixed.


Thanks for responding to my question.


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