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To require the parental lock passcode when opening the YouTube app go to Manage / Settings / Parental Controls / Parental Level and untick all boxes. It’s not possible to untick ‘Very Mild Content’. This will mean that the parental passcode is required to open the YouTube app. Then exit parental controls and open the YouTube app enter passcode go to Settings / Restricted Mode and ensure inappropriate content is hidden. 

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Re: Block/remove YouTube app on Fetch


I’ve just done the code through the settings leaving ‘mild content’ however this then creates a pin required for half of the channels. 

I have no problems with my kids viewing the channels, I just don’t want them to be able to access YouTube. 

Please Optus/Fetch consider being able to only block/pin code apps such as YouTube. We should be able to make the decision for ourselves whether we want to be able to access or the accessibility of the apps. 

Re: Block/remove YouTube app on Fetch


Thank you for this feedback, we have passed it on to our TV & Content team.

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Re: Block/remove YouTube app on Fetch


I found a slution to stop my kids getting open slather access to youtube and netflix on the fetch box...Hand it back! And I save about $40 per month now too as a result. It was the only way.

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