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Arsenal vs Newcastle

Hi all,


Is anyone able to illuminate for me the reasons as to why to the Arsenalvs Newcastle game from last night hasn't been put up on the Optus Premier LEague streaming site? They have the highlights from the game on there, but not the full game!


From what I have observed, this appears to happen to one game every week. Does it have something to do with TV rights?


Anyway, I pay good money for the service. One would hope, that as advertised, I would be able to watch every game my heart desired. Any help would be greatly apprecited.





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Re: Arsenal vs Newcastle

Hi @CazDouglas


I'm afraid this game isn't available on-demand this week. Due to this season's streaming rights, only 29 matches per club per season can be shown on-demand. The full details are available in this article →

The weekly schedules are available via YesCrowd if you want to check for replay times →, and any game can be recorded using Yes TV by Fetch Mighty. You can series link your team and record the whole season. 

Just so you're aware, as of next season (2019/20 season), Optus will retain the rights to provide every match of the EPL on-demand. Apologies for any inconvenience. Guy

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