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Occasional Contributor macI
Occasional Contributor

Apple TV Optus Sport App Bugs

A few weeks ago Optus released a new Optus Sport App for the Apple TV. Many of the bugs that were in older versions of the App and were fixed have been reintroduced into the most recent version of the App. For example, if I select a currently live EPL match to watch the App asks if I want to start at the beginning of the match or at the current position. When I select "Start from the Beginning" the App starts at the current position of the broadcast regardless. Very frustrating! Another is when I "fast forward" to a later point in the broadcast the App stubbornly takes me back to the very beginning. This morning I paused the broadcast and when I restarted it took me back to a position earlier in the broadcast and every time I susequently paused the broadcast and restarted it took me back to the exact same position (Ground Hog Day!).

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RetiredModerator JordanOptus

Re: Apple TV Optus Sport App Bugs

Hey macl, doesn't sound any good 😕 It'd be best to log a fault with our TV and Content team when you get a chance.

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