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New Contributor Dales
New Contributor

Anyone else notice how much better Kayo app is at streaming?

For a few weeks I have been casting from the Optus Sport iphone app and the Kayo iPhone  app to my TV. I really think Optus need to look at Kayo and work out why Kayo’s streaming is so much smoother. I can watch football on Kayo without feeling sick. Optus are missing some trick. The Kayo app has better features too - it has a forward button - which is much appreciated in breaks of play or boring games- , speed control and picture window controls which I don’t care about but still.... time for Optus to catch up? Anyone else agree?

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New Contributor LisbonHeat
New Contributor

Kayo Sports and time zones

Anyone else used Kayo Sports and noticed the big difference between it and Optus Sports?


Watching international sport in Australia can be frustrating because of time zones, i.e. watching football in the middle of the night. Kayo Sports has the perfect solution where you can watch any sport live or from the beginning at any time whether it's 5 minutes after the game starts or 5 hours. It really is a complete no brainer for an Australian Sports channel. Please Optus Sports follow their lead.

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