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All channels are free not just FTA


Why are all the channels showing on my fetch not just the FTA channels? Is there a promo on or something?? I don’t want to get charged for them.

Re: All channels are free not just FTA


A day early, but most likely its this promotion.

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Re: All channels are free not just FTA


Ah cool, thanks for that.


Re: All channels are free not just FTA


@Burgerslayer, completely get how that may of come as a bit of a surprise.


"Existing Customers will automatically get full access to the 48 channels in the Ultimate pack.”


It's important to note that your subscription will not automatically renew after the promo period which ends on January 1st. If a customer chooses to subscribe to the pack during the promotional period, they will start getting charges from the point in which they'd activated the charged subscription.


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