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Access to the English Premier League


can anyone help me understand why Optus is choosing to limit access to the EPL to customers that have or sign up to a broadband, mobile or Optus tv account? 

I understand that they are using the EPL to entice customers to switch from other providers to Optus, however i think their approach to the situation is short sighted and mis-guided which is likely having a negative impact on their organsation rather than a positive one, let me tell you why I believe this is the case.


The EPL is the biggest domestic sporting drawcard in the world, with hundreds of millions of people who follow it and obviously Optus acknowledges this otherwise they wouldnt have bid for the rights.


Having won the rights, their approach to utilising this asset has been flawed to say the least. By forcing people to buy an Optus product in order to get access to the EPL they have failed to recognise that "access to the EPL" is a product in its own right. 


The EPL community is much, much bigger than those that have signed up to Optus (succumbed to the bribery) and as such Optus is missing out on a huge market of individuals that have no need for a traditional Optus product, however would purchase the "access the EPL" product.


It seems quite simple to me that if Optus offered direct access via subscription to their Optus Sport app, their EPL driven revenue would increase substantially as would their volume of Optus customers.


Access is being offered at $15/month with an eligible Optus product, however I'd suggest standalone access could be offered at $25 a month.


C'mon Optus, dont waste this opportunity.






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Re: Access to the English Premier League

Well said. 


Optus don't seem to be alone in shutting off access to content. The trend at the moment seems to be some big players removing content from other platforms and selling it themselves. i.e. Disney etc. This is starting to iritate people as suddenly you need 6+ subscriptions to various providers to access the most popular content. Hopefully this trend becomes unsustainable fast as people decide to only stick with the best 3 or 4.


You can investigate alternatives, a VPN is quite legal and the EPL is on offer elsewhere


For what Optus paid for the EPL and the relatively small market in Oz it seems unlikely they're looking to make a profit on the asset itself. For Optus its possibly only worthwhile if it translates into new customers (who stay long after the EPL rights go elsewhere)




Peter Gillespie 

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Re: Access to the English Premier League

Instead of a VPN which tends to slow down your downloads I use Getflix.

Hardly slows your internet and they give you a 14 day free trial.



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