3rd mighty box coming in 2 weeks- because they didn't work


The first Mighty box didn't even light up, nothing.  Optus support suggested I wiggle the power cable!  Great, so they agree that the box is dead and send another one.

The replacement box was a Refurbished box.  Well thats what it said on the receipt anyway.  This box worked!  For about 5 days...

Now the screen is totally black and randomly comes on sometimes.  Useless.  Optus support suggested I try a different HDMI cable! Uh-huh.





Re: 3rd mighty box coming in 2 weeks- because they didn't work


It's disappointing to hear that you're onto your 3rd Yes TV by Fetch Mighty device! When a replacement is ordered, you may receive a refurbished model however they are tested thoroughly to ensure that there are no faults. Can I please just confirm that another replacement device has been ordered for you? Keep us posted.

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