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3.12 Chandler message

Recently our set top box stopped working getting 3.12 Chandler on screen can’t change anything after that. I enter the WiFi details and then the box hangs on the grey 'Start-up' screen and won't progress any further.

I have spent way too long on the chat app and on the phone with Support with no solution, I have tried restarting the box and the reset thing where you press the coloured buttons in order till the lights go red and nothing seems to work! I read on another thread that this could be a firmwear issue - the box said Chandler 3.12 when initially trying to start up. Can anyone assist as it's getting really frustrating now!

Thank you! 🙂
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Re: 3.12 Chandler message

Hi @AbdulNoor,

Thanks for raising this with us.

We'd recommend performing a soft reset on your Fetch set top box.

If the issue persists, please send us a private message on Facebook or direct message on Twitter with some more details around wat's happening after the soft reset and we'll assist further. 

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