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3.11 bellinger is on the screen,

We cannot get fetch And the channels will not change. what do we do.

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Re: 3.11 bellinger is on the screen,

Hi @bigsister,

Thanks for raising this with us.

Have you been able to turn the FetchTV off/on to see if this makes a difference?

If you're still facing issues, we'd recommend performing a soft reset on your FetchTV device. We do have some further information on how to do this via our Support Page.

Please let us know how you go.

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Re: 3.11 bellinger is on the screen,


I too had similar issues..

With the help of tech support, I tried rebooting the device by unplugging, then used the software restart option via the menu.

That didn't work for me. I tried rescanning my channels that didn't work either.

I did notice after 3.11 firmware update I started having issues streaming related.

If I look at the mini fetch network options it comes up with ticks on all but internet option, and the connectivity is poor. 

I was able to log onto my router and I can see that all but my mini fetch had good connectivity, the mini was hovering around 53% connection status. Where as my phone, laptop were above 93%.

My resolution was to update my router "Firmware" and then disconnect my devices and reconnect.  As a start you could try disconnecting your device from the wifi and reconnect to see if that makes a difference.



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