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1 week, 5 live chats and a fetch box that doesn't work

Wow, I’m really regretting my decision to return to Optus. Having previously been an Optus customer I cancelled my service after various dubious (and occasionally deceitful) interactions with your sales/technical team. I was moving out to renovate so didn’t need a service. Having recently finished renovating I moved back in and needed a new internet connection.

When I went to investigate my nbn options (which was now available at my address) I was torn between iiNet and Optus. At the end of the day you had a better offer, and after securing a 10% discount to monthly bills for being a return customer, I opted for the Optus nbn 90 plan. My service was installed less than a week ago (Monday 17 December) and I have now been in contact with Optus 5 times in that one week!
Starting at the top…
In one of the few documents I received after sign-up, I was advised to track my order and get install appointment info by using the ‘Yes’ app. I downloaded, entered my order number in “Track my order” and was met with an error. One live chat later, and I was informed that this was a known glitch and I was given my installation information via the chat instead.
(Note: Optus contact #1)
Having signed up via an online chat somehow my sales assistant neglected to inform me that the nbn would be installed by a third party supplier. No big deal, I was just confused when I got voicemails from a company that I didn’t recognise asking me to confirm details with them – but perfectly manageable once I figured out who was calling! The install was fine – left my place a mess and rushed out having shoved my Optus card in my hand and didn’t really explain anything – but that’s not Optus’ fault.
Being exceptionally busy at work – I didn’t really give much thought to the fact that I was pretty much given NO info at sign up. This only clicked when I decided to log into “My Account”. I started the registration process and realised that I had no internet username or password (both of which where supposed to be provided to me at sign up as indicated in the description when you click on “forgot my password”).
(Optus contact #2 & #3)
It took two live chats to get anywhere. The first one was very pleasant but gave the wrong info about my internet username (left out the part) and gave incorrect info about the password (which she advised would be my wifi password).
The second chat resulted in my registering successfully.
Then the fetch box arrived. The fetch MINI box instead of the correct Mighty box which is supposed to come with the nbn 90 plan.
I opened the package, didn’t even take it out of the box because I saw it was wrong, and jumped online for Optus chat #4. Eventually I was happy with the resolution that a satchel would be sent that I could return the Mini box in (with a note on my account that this may take a little longer than expected due to my long work hours), and that the Mighty box had been ordered.
The Mighty box arrived VERY promptly. I was really happy, did the set up, did the activation, and everything was working brilliantly. This was Thursday 20 December.
Friday 21 December I get home, turn on the TV and am met with the message that the fetch box was experiencing a log-in/activation error. My options – restart after 3 mins (which I tried a few times) and then contact my Fetch Service Provider (that’s you!).
I googled the issue before starting a live chat (Optus contact #5) and was armed with the knowledge that this was a known error. Ended up being transferred to the Fetch team, who after some period of time and multiple attempts to activate, advised me that my issue would be escalated to a Level 2 fault and that the team would contact me in a few days. I asked to speak to the floor manager and after a rough start (he clearly DID NOT do any handover with the staff member I had been speaking to because he thought I was complaining about receiving the fetch mini box) he assured me that a team member would be in touch within 24 hours and that he would text me a case number. I never received a case number –and it’s now been 24 hours. I’m assuming you’ve figured out that I’ve had no call/contact either.
Frankly Optus – at this rate – you are not justified in asked me for any money, and I am completely justified in seeking a different service provider. Do you think this is an adequate level of service??

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Re: 1 week, 5 live chats and a fetch box that doesn't work

Optus does not use "authentication" for their services, they use IPoE (IP over Ethernet). So simply plug in your preferred router and tell it "DHCP on the WAN/Internet Port".


What kind of NBNCo service did you get?


Also, who did you expect to install your NBNCo service? Because NBNCo are the only ones authorised to install NBNCo services... Optus don't send techs out, they aren't offered on their services unless you are on the Optus cable network.

I'm a Yes-Crowd Contributor, not an Optus Employee, and I contribute on a voluntary basis. Did someone on Yes Crowd answer your question? Did they share a great tip Please remember to acknowledge their awesomeness by throwing a Kudo and or Accepted Solution their way.
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Re: 1 week, 5 live chats and a fetch box that doesn't work

After-sales support really put the “Oh” in Optus
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