1-2 seconds of loading interrupting live stream


It's HT in the Chelsea v Manchester United on 6/11/17 and throughout the first half, the app continues to intermittently stop and load. I am watching on an LG G4 through the Optus Sport app. This loading lasts for 1-2 seconds, interrupting live coverage, before the live footage resumes. This has occurred no less than 14 times in 45mins of football. As you can imagine, this is extremely frustrating and unexpectedly poor from a paid subscription. I trust that you will make the necessary maintenance ASAP to ensure this problem is minimised, if not completely eradicated. 

Re: 1-2 seconds of loading interrupting live stream


That's not good to hear@Oscar88. Please do let  us know if this is happening again. You can also report the fault Here and we can investigate 

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