What happened to Optus's YES slogan ?


So frustrated with Optus.  Something as simple as moving house has reduced me to tears. After 5 months of arguing Im no further ahead than day 1. I have gone through the Ombudsman, Fixer resolver team and still NO  ! My issues with my home phone hasnt been sorted. When do they start taking ownership and bring back the YES attitude that they have made a massive error and will fix my problem? I was told I could keep the same home number when I moved, which I was told would take 2 weeks - then after 3 weeks I called to be told that no I couldnt keep that number and I had been allocated another. So I switched to my parents old number but couldnt receive calls from Telstra numbers. Then was told that Optus shouldnt have taken over that number so would have to dicsonnect with Optus, connect with Telstra, disconnect with Telstra and reconnect with Optus. Disconnected with Optus to be told that Telstra didnt have the number anymore. So now left with nothing. Do you think I could reconnect that number with Optus again - NO ! (again the Yes attitude has gone). Such a frustrating process with still no end in sight

Re: What happened to Optus's YES slogan ?


Hi @antandang, really disappointing to hear that you've had this kind of experience Smiley Sad Definitely not the way that a relocation should go.


We're here to help and we can definitely look into this for you - please PM me with your account/order number, full name and DOB so that we can check it out.

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