On 16/8/2018 signed up for 2 mobiles , 2 landlines, ADSL and Fetch through the Business Department (via telephone) and all services to be ported from another service provider. Promised a great deal and prompt efficient and effective service.Wow have to see this!

On the 26/8/2018 contacted OPTUS and spoke to Jackie who advised that the address for the ADSL has been incorrectly entered and as such ALL of the order will need to be cancelled and start again. Advised we were going overseas. Rest assure you can go oversees as we will NOT port the numbers from your current service provider so you can relax while away knowing that your business will continue without disruption!

Still kept getting emails that the porting will take place on 31/8 but continually reassured this is not the case. Jackie contacted me on 1/9 and advised that the cancellation had gone through and no disruption will occur. 

WRONG get to the business and the main business line has been disconnected! Six hours on being passed the buck from one section to another resulted in that Optus Business is the only ones that can provide you with any answers or action and they Only Work Monday-Friday. Funny thats not what the website states. 

3/9 contacted Optus Business who once agin after being passed through 7 different areas and being told a pack of lies including you provided the wrong address, we only lease the lines from Telstra and currently we do not have nor Telstra any lines that can service your business (where the heck did you port the line from!), the address does not exist? OK where did you send the sim cards for the mobiles which are currently activated let alone the Fetch TV and the Modem?

It would appear that Optus has its own mapping and address book for all the locations in Australia and that the address we provided which we have occupied for over 10 years, Telstra who provided us with telephones for 5 years and IINET who have provided us with ADSL and phones for over 5 years, utilities who provide essential services such as electricity and water have got it wrong and Optus in isolation have got it right!

Finally after several hours of on the phone, chat line and what ever else I could think of doing to try and communicate with someone that could provide me with a solution, OPTUS could not provide me the answer to a simple question:

Q.Why would you port a number from another Telco to connect it to a non existing business premises or you do not have any lines to that premises? ANSWER: We can't answer that

Q.Can you provide me with a solution? ANSWER: NO 

Q.Can I divert the landline to an Optus mobile so that at least we can receive calls from clients ANSWER :NO

Q.What do you suggest I do? ANSWER; Place a new order

My Answer: So that OPTUS can tell me that the address does not exist and anyway if it did exist we do not have any lines nor does Telstra to be able to offer you a service!

Thanks OPTUS -Once bitten twice shy-You have shown your true colours and lack of problem solving and empathy to your future customers







Hey @Obi - this sounds extremely frustrating! I'm terribly sorry for the experience you've had with us. 


Can you please send through a private message confirming your landline number, full name and DOB? Happy to take a look. 

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