New Apple watch can't log in. Password error

Hello. I have just rejoined Optus this week and am trying to set up Apple watch mobile service. Using the phone watch app, it recognises Optus and goes to my account page and lists my phone number , which I confirm, then it asks for account name and password. This is where the problem is, it will not recognise my password/username. I used that password to log in here, so I know it's correct. Live chat reset my password and I tried again, still doesn't work, used new password to log in here again, no problem. Live chat recommended resetting watch, that didn't work either. Has anyone else had this problem/know a solution? Thanks in advance Happy Australia Day

Re: New Apple watch can't log in. Password error


Hey @Dr-Harry - very sorry for any frustrations caused by this. Really odd that your My Account password/username isn't confirming, can you please send us a private message with your full name, DOB and service/account number so we can look into this?

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Re: New Apple watch can't log in. Password error


Has anyone had any luck rectifying this issue. I am extremely frustrated after numerous live chats and massive wait times in store.

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