Re: World Cup matches unwatchable


Agree with all these paying customers posts, complaints, feedback etc etc.. experiencing same thing and it’s disappointing to say the least.


But what is the point of these forums, ‘is Optus even listening??’


@Optus, it would be remiss for you to not respond, at least an announcement confirming your company are aware of this issue and actually trying to address... ‘are you doing something about it?’. It’s the least you can do in this situation. Simple. You’ve developed a large customer base from these subscriptions, don’t let this go to waste and tarnish your reputation.


I’ll give this another go for a day. Hopefully it improves (honestly), otherwise I will be forced to cancel my subscription.


Smiley Sad but hopefully Smiley Happy soon!

Re: World Cup matches unwatchable


There’s no excuse for any of this garbage that’s being served up by Optus, they’ve had forever to get prepared for this.

The television rights to the biggest sporting event in the world have been given to a telephony company that provides no television platform and can’t even stream a live event successfully.

There’s a class action brewing here - not just against the foreign owned company that wrested the bulk of the television rights from SBS and can’t even come close to providing a functioning service, but also against the, quite frankly corrupt, federal government that granted this incompetent mob the rights.

An absolute disgrace. Thanks for, precisely, nothing Optus. Just garbage.


Re: World Cup matches unwatchable


This is just rubbish. Have had to kill the app and restart every 60 seconds. Finally gave up and now watching on SBS. 


Optus - very quick to charge a subscription but slow to fix the bloody problems!!!

Re: World Cup matches unwatchable




I had 16 people here for the Spain v Portugal game last night. Food and the rest all provided. Such excitement & anticipation.  Couldn't watch the game at all.  What a monumental stuffup Optus. Infuriating for me and my guests, incredibly inconvenient especially at 4.00am and costly.  Totally embarrassing. If I had an alternative to Optus you would never see me again as a customer if this is the best level of service you can provide. 

I NEVER have streaming issues with YouTube, Apple movies, Netflix or others which we also watch regularly via Apple TV and work without a hitch. And to have to pay for the privelege?

FIX IT BEFORE TONIGHT'S OZ v FRANCE MATCH PLEASE! Compensation? A few months free phone bills to cover my costs? I hope there's a response.

Re: World Cup matches unwatchable


Another optus customer with optus sport streaming and casting issues.  Rarely had problems when using this app for EPL the last 2 seasons, now all of a sudden I can't get playback for longer than a couple of minutes (and then the constant ads!).  If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Nearly thrown my mobile phone into the TV multiple times already, only 4 games in...


Hurry up and sort this out optus. 


Re: World Cup matches unwatchable


I'm in for that class action if we cannot get a decent response from Opus.

Re: World Cup matches unwatchable


Same issue here, maybe 10 second then it will just hang as if buffering on any device. 


Interestingly the replays and mini matches are fine. It’s only live games impacted.


Basically their live service doesn’t work at all.

Re: World Cup matches unwatchable


Same here. keeps buffering after 20 seconds on the Apple TV app!



Re: World Cup matches unwatchable


Same problem for me  every game but worst si far Arg vs Iceland

Competely unwatchable whole game.


Tried android app-4G and NBn fttp =same issue

Tried xbox one app =same issue 

Plays for 30secs then buffers for ever and/or dies.


This is rediculous for the world cup. 

I know not a home connection issue because other streams at higher quality work fine. 


Disgrace and shame on you optus

Re: World Cup matches unwatchable


If anyone wants a temporary solution, you can use the FIFA app and log in with your Optus sport account. Used airplay to watch on the tv.


I know this will only help a handful of people but at least it’s something in the meantime. 

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