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Unable to cast Optus sport via Chromecast from iOs or Android

Background: I used 5G Optus and was able to use Optus sport casting to my Sony television without any issue. Then moved to new building and have to change my service to Optus nbn and it appears I cannot cast Optus sport to my television at all.
Details: Tried using both iOS iPad version 14.6 or Samsung Note 10 Android but none of them working.
On iPad, the message saying 'can't find your device' Ensure Network permission are granted to this app and device is on the same network' - I have allowed all permission to Optus sport app and ensure the same network is using.
Samsung Android - the Casting icon is greyed out.
Also, I have already 1) uninstall and install the app 2) Check DNS which is the same on television, iPad and Mobile, unfortunately neither of them help.

Apart from this, I can cast from my hand-held devices when use youtube, facebook or browser.

Can you please suggest to solve this problem?

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Re: Unable to cast Optus sport via Chromecast from iOs or Android

@yoster - Thank you very much for this detailed message here, Yoster.

Given that you've tried many things now and have advised about the change of service, can you please raise an In-App case or raise this with our Facebook or Twitter teams? We can grab some details and have it raised for you.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I’m part of the Yes Crowd team, employed by Optus to help run our online community.

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