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It was easy on previous box, but I can not find the app to allow me to record my team on new NBN box, so i can record every Liverpool game. How is it done? Thanks.

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You have a Fetch Box? 


You should just be able to see Optus Sports "channels" if you hit the GUIDE button. Select what you'd like to record same as recording any show on any channel. If you hit REC twice you get into the series record options, not sure if you can select just Liverpool games but have a play around.


Peter Gillespie



Re: Team Tag on optus NBN



As @petergdownload says I don't think you are able to set a series tag as the games will appear on different Optus Sports channels each week.

I would suggest you check the blog to see at what time the Liverpool game is being played and then go to your tv guide on fetch to record that game.

I find the phone app Fetch Mobi an easy way to see which channel the game is being screened and you can set the recording from the app.



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