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New Contributor Oli_b
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Sports App Unusable on iPhone X (needs QA testing)

Just started using Optus Sports on iPhone X and I can’t believe how bad it is to use, it seems that no QA testing has been done because it’s impossible to press the X (close) icon during video play, which leaves you tapping furiously, tilting to portrait/landscape and ultimately force closing the app just to get back to the home screen.


Optus devs, please test on iPhone X and update the app.



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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Sports App Unusable on iPhone X (needs QA testing)

This message came through over the weekend, it sounds somewhat related to the issue you have described:

Some customers are experiencing issues when opening Optus Sport on their iOS device. When trying to Open the Optus Sport App it stays on the opening screen and will not pass that point. There are a few things that can resolve this issue which will be added to the area below.


If the customers phone gets stuck on the opening screen please follow the below to see if it resolved their issue.

  1. Force close the App and reopen
  2. If they are able to please change the connection method. This means if they are using mobile data please try a WiFi connection and if using WiFi please try mobile data.
  3. Uninstall and reinstall Optus Sport 

If this did not resolve the issue, please request for the customer to please chat with us and have a fault ticket created and stapled to the main ticket 21153364.

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