Resume function jumps forward


So far I have watched two EPL games on demand via the Optus Sports iPad app. On both occasions my experience has been disappointing.


Today for example I wished to catch up on the Man Utd v Southampton match played overnight. Having selected the match from the on demand section the app indicates that the full playback time is four hours. Sounds a lot, but this obviously includes pre-game coverage and post game analysis.


Which would be fine if I had exactly four hours spare on a Saturday to sit down and watch it all. Well, I have young kids, so I barely have four hours spare across an entire weekend.


So here's my first point - why is it not possible to "scroll" through a recording to a desired point? For example, slide your finger on the progress bar like on YouTube or Foxtel Go to commence playback from this point.


I'm guessing Optus does not want fans to miss any of those valuable ads we would see by watching it all.


After getting 21 minutes into the first half this morning, the inevitable happened - family duties dictated that it was time to put the iPad down. Not a problem I thought, I'll just pick up where I left off when I get back home. 


So late in the afternoon, having successfully avoided the score all day, I settle down to watch the rest of the match. The app has closed itself so I get back to the home screen, select the match on demand, and I am presented with the option to start from the beginning or resume from where I had watched up to. I select Resume and am promptly taken right to... the 63rd minute Smiley Sad


Man Utd have by now scored what turn out to be the only two goals of the game, so I have missed all the action. Great.


The exact same issue happened with the Chelsea v West Ham game earlier in the week, but I put it down to a one off glitch or possibly even something I did wrong. Clearly not.


I have to say that the first week of viewing EPL through Optus has been underwhelming to say the least. Looking through these forum threads it seems as though I am far from alone.


And by the way Optus, due to the malfunctioning resume feature I missed two sets of your precious ads....

Re: Resume function jumps forward


Hey kevinm8128, thanks for the great feedback. We're passing this onto our development team so they can investigate this further. Does this only happen on the iPad App or have you tested on our website or phone Apps as well? I've done a quick test in the office through the web-browser and it does pick up the game exactly where I left off. Even after logging out and going back in. It may just be a glitch on the iPad App. 

Re: Resume function jumps forward


I have experienced the exact issue, however after avoiding the results of Liv V Ars, I hoped to resume from where I left off (somewhere between 80-84 mins). When I hit resume, ir went straight to the recap, showing he final score. WTF?!


This happened on the iPhone App. Extremely disappointing 

Re: Resume function jumps forward


Sorry for the issue on that @philtux. We've raised this with our team who are monitoring for any occurrences of this issue. If you notice this on and other VoD games, please let us know and we can raise it with them as an example.

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