Refund. Now.


I want my money back. I have not been able to watch a single World Cup match yet, because this piece of crap Optus Sport service simply does not work. Refunds are in order for everyone duped into subscribing to this joke of a product. And time to move all our mobile services away from this clownish organisation. They do not deserve our business.

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Yes me too. How can I get a refund?

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Same for me. I have FTTP with a 100 Mbps connection and I haven’t been able to watch a single game on Optus yet. It just hangs every time. So far I have been able to switch over to the SBS app but what happens for the exclusive games? 


We’re back to the bad old days when Optus started showing the Premier Leagu games. The excuse that this is happening because large numbers of users are logging in at the same time doesn’t cut it. It’s the World Cup, of course that is what is going to happen. Why bid for the viewing rights if you lack the know how to broadcast?

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This is what Optus are continuing to promote on their website right now:


"Every Game. Every Goal. For All Australians. Live only on Optus Sport"


I encourage you all to contact the ACCC tomorrow. I will be.

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I am so disappointed in how Optus are handling customer service for the issue, about the OPTUS Sport not working when every Australian that purchased this products wanted to use this product.

My family tried in vain for two nights to watch this, and blamed me. Saying it was a complete piece of rubbish and they should have gone out to watch the game on the big screen instead of Home.

Optus when do your customers receive a CREDIT for this product.

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Refund is what i will fght for.. since i signed up for Optus Broadband ADSL2 with Fetch box and Optus Sports, i have mot been able to view World cup matches as it keeps freezing . At the same time my internet access is so slow that it takes so

long jist to send 1 email.

refund refund refund

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I am in the same boat as all above.New mobile plan that includes optus sport and a $5 fetch mini as an extra.But i had to get a new mobile plan as my old one would not allow for the fetch tv world cup advertised deal...So here i am new contract,no world cup as its been  unwatchable live and a stagnent fetch Tv box. I do not want a refund i want my service free until they gaurantee there will be no buffering or technical faults on any optus sport by the dollar optus,as customers we do. At the very least should be offering no charge for the next 6 months...Its a disgrace.


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Please Refund. Still as of: 20/06/2018 16.04pm on SBS still showing all matches for FREE! Why should I pay, we were mislead. To pay to just to listen for commentary from the likes of Craig Foster and remarks about those he dislikes in the bunch ( like non Nato members),. No thanks. Not happy. ACCC here I come 2. 👎🏻👎🏻

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[ Edited ]

As we've stated in our media release, 


If you've purchased an Optus Sport subscription for the World Cup, you will be provided with a refund.


We'll be organising refund over the next fortnight. There is no need to contact us to request your refund. 

This is a very recent news and we'll be sure to communicate further information once it comes our way.


Optus Sport will be free for all Australians until the 31/08/18. 


Edit - Further to add. 


We're working on changing the billing in the app stores which will take some time. In the meantime, if you want to purchase an Optus Sport Subscription to access all the action and content we'll issue you a refund over the next coming weeks.



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Re: Refund. Now. To everyone


Hi Dan,How are you going to refund an account holder,who previously had an optus account with optus sport as an extra then changed the account to get world cup benefits(including optus sport within the contract and a fetch TV box) at a total cost of $50 a month(or so i hope).We as long term optus customers feel more aggreived than people who just signed up for the world cup. I feel cheated.The best result for me would be 4 months free contract service as a good will gesture from optus.What is the outcome for us account holders.How do you refund.How do you break down a contract.Do all new contracts become void. Please keep us informed. Concerned.

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