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Optus Sport Playback Error


I travel on the train in Sydney from Central Station to the Blue Mointains everyday. I use a Samsung S7 and I generally stream Netflix problem free for the duration of the trip. If I do hit a black spot, Netflix might freeze for a second or two while the stream catches up, then just keep on going. Optus Sport on the other hand gives me a 'playback error' every few minutes, at which point I must close the video, open it back up, and it will play from the beginning, and that process will repeat itself every few minutes. Highly frustrating.

I have tried restarting, re-installing, clearing the cache, watching at a lower quality, updating my software, all to no avail.

Is there a solution to this problem?

At the very least (and I understand that hurtling along in a train, network streaming will have some hiccups) why can't the stream simply freeze for a while until it catches up, then keep on playing? Why am I required to close the video and start all over again?

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Retired Employee
Retired Employee

Re: Optus Sport Playback Error

Hi @DWilko, I suspect that your Netflix stream doesn't experience as many interruptions due  to content being cached locally on our servers. In regards to your second question, I'm really not sure of the reason why you're unable to continue where you left off. This might be something that needs to be addressed by our TV & Content team. Was this only an issue for on demand content or were you also having difficulty with live streaming? 

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Re: Optus Sport Playback Error

Just wondering if you resolved this? I am watching EPL via the Android app and am also frustrated that if stop watching a replay of a game it often (not always) doesn't remember where it was up to. It usually seems to start again at a point near the start of the match but not the very beginning?


Thanks, Robert

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