I have trouble login in to Optus sport App




My experience so far with Optus has been a shemozzle. I transferred from Virgin. My Sim did not arrive in the mail so my phone was cut off. Had to be 24 hours without access to my number. Eventually had to go to an Optus store. Now I can't login to the Optus sport app even though I can log in to the website. However if I watch the European super cup that way it will eat into my data. I have uninstalled and installed the app a couple of times and changed my password a few times and have been hours on the chat line and the phone with no luck. Supposedly Optus will give me a call back within the next 48 hours so I'll miss the European Supercup. Oh joy. I signed up for Bein sports and it was soooooo Easy. Come on guys. Get your act together. 

Re: I have trouble login in to Optus sport App


Hey @Getitdone, quite the runaround there :/  Certainly not the ideal start to your time with us.


What sort of error message is it giving you when you try to login to the app? Also, did you have an Optus Sport subscription prior to make the switch over to Optus? My immediate thought here is that you may have two separate subscriptions, something along the way is causing a conflict. 


Can you send through a private message with the follow details so we can take a look?


- Full name


- Account/phone number

- Optus Sport login

- Are you the account holder: Y/N

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Re: I have trouble login in to Optus sport App




I haven't been an optus customer and have not logged in before. It is weird cos I can log in via the websitebut not on my app.


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