Re: Fetch mini on demand EPL pauses every 6 seconds


Can i ‘me too’ this please - with the new firmware identical symptoms. Need some help Smiley Sad

Re: Fetch mini on demand EPL pauses every 6 seconds


Thanks for touching base, @Wbaray. By the sounds of it, you may have a faulty Yes TV by Fetch set-top box. If you haven't spoken with someone since posting, we can arrange a replacement for you in real time here.

Re: Fetch mini on demand EPL pauses every 6 seconds


So this happens all the time for me as well. Well, at least when our game is available on demand unlike against Huddersfield last week. 


This morning I attempted to watch the United vs Newcastle game on demand but like everyone else in here, it paused every 6 seconds or so. Like trying to watch a game with the hiccups.


Now before the Optus team try and pin it on me or my internet, please understand that with League Pass I can cast an NBA game in much better resolution to my TV, while watching another game at the same time on my laptop. Two games at once, crystal clear without a pause or buffering interuption at any stage. But try and watch just one Premier League game on Optus, ha! It's so pathetic its sad.


Back in the day I used to listen to BBC World Service's weekly broadcast of the second half of a selected game each week. Then Optus Vision was ok with some games. Then Foxtel came along with a couple of games a week and it was magic. Then they got more games, then they got all the games, then they got HD and the ability to record games and watch them whenever. Life was good, even if I was giving money to Murdoch.


Then Optus game along with a giant wrench and decided to throw it into the mix as hard as they could, causing the whole thing to completely die. 720p resolution, regular dropouts, only a handful of games on demand and then jerky-pausing streaming when you're lucky enough to have your game selected as one of the downloads.


This isn't an issue with any of our ISPs, it's with your horrible, horrible service Optus. Words cannot describe how much I hate you and what you have done to the game I love, to the point where I find it hard to watch anymore. At least I'm lucky enough that I can watch a game a day later via MUTV, but there's thousands out there whose team doesn't have its own channel and are completely stuck with the garbage you provide.


Stop blaming the end users, start realising how bad your service is and fix the damn thing. And damn don't even think about going for the rights when they're up for sale again.

Re: Fetch mini on demand EPL pauses every 6 seconds


Same issue here.

Worst customer service... raised the issue twice. Nothing. 


North London derby and City Leicester games both had the same problem.

My software is 2.18


Not sure who writes Optus software. Fire them please. 


Re: Fetch mini on demand EPL pauses every 6 seconds


Did Optus find a solution for this widespread problem?


I have had this same problem for the whole season.  It only occurs with on demand full games. I can watch live games without an issue.

Re: Fetch mini on demand EPL pauses every 6 seconds


Nope. Best to get a chromecast and watch via the app. Save yourself $5 a month in the process.

Re: Fetch mini on demand EPL pauses every 6 seconds


Same issue as everyone else on this thread. Has been like this since Optus took over the epl rights. No firmware update has made any change. Would like a resolution please. Happy to DM witn moderator.

Re: Fetch mini on demand EPL pauses every 6 seconds


Hey @Sji, any issues will need to be raised with the TV & Content team. If you use this online form, they will follow up with you directly.

I’m part of the Yes Crowd team, employed by Optus to help run our online community. This guide explains how everything works on here and you should also check out our Community Guidelines.

Did we answer your question? Please mark it as a Accepted Solution and be generous with that Kudos button Smiley Happy

Re: Fetch mini on demand EPL pauses every 6 seconds


2 years on and they STILL have not fixed the issue.  How bad can Optus get?  And how many times did I have to see your staff say “reset the box”, “update the software” or “check your internet speed”?


Seriously Optus, you have a widespread issue which still has not been rectified 2 years later.  I truly hope you lose the rights when your contract expires.  You have single handily destroyed the English game for users in Australia.  Maybe if you stopped spending millions of dollars on Usain Bolt to plug your company and spent it on technicians who actually had a clue as to what they were doing, you wouldn’t be getting such a bad rap!


You paid a mental sum of money for these EPL rights and have delivered a litany of problems ever since.  As much as I despise Murdoch, I hope to dear life that Foxtel get the rights back ASAP! 

Re: Fetch mini on demand EPL pauses every 6 seconds


So, I reported this the first weekend of the EPL and now after sitting down to watch the Belgium vs. England 3rd place play off I notice it's still happening. It been over a year! How is this still not working?


I've reported it about 3 time and each time, to my own stupididy, I've assumed that the technician's haven't gotten back to me because it's been resolved at a hardware/firmware level. Then a few months later when I go to watch something on demand... still not working. 


Everytime it's: It's ticket, troubleshoot the device...out of ideas and we'll get back to you...


And then I remember they promised to refund what I'd paid for the time it wasn't working. 


It's pretty laughable. I don't like Foxtel but at least it worked and they seemed to employ competent people. 



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