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Cannot login to Android App (v2.2.2) on Android P (Version 9)

I have been having difficulties logging in to the Optus Sport app on Android P (unsure if these issues arose with Android P as I hadn't tried to login to the app before updating.


The login screen allows me to enter text into the email/password field, but the text is invisible (see screenshot where an email address is selected but not visible).

Pressing Log In grays out the button, but there is no other feedback and nothing appears to happen (i.e. no 'invalid email or password' message'.


I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the App and rebooting my phone, but no luck



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Re: Cannot login to Android App (v2.2.2) on Android P (Version 9)

Hi @majsticmoose - thanks for getting in touch. Not great to see that the text isn't displaying properly and that nothing further happens after selecting Log In. 


In this instance, we'd recommend lodging this directly with our TV & Content team. As you're unable to use the App at the moment, you'll need to do this via the Optus Sport Website.


For instructions on how to do this, please check out this link → and scroll down to the section for Desktop. Once you've logged the fault, a member from our TV&C team will be in touch to help get this resolved. 


If you experience issues logging in to the Optus Sport Website as well as the App, please let us know and we'll assess the next steps moving forward.

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