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New Contributor Ashwini
New Contributor

Can't play any videos on optus sport


I recently signed up for an optus SIM only data plan - 100 100 GB per month. It came with optus sport. When I log in to optus sport through my phone (on a different network SIM), it plays videos. When I try to watch videos using the Optus SIM, it doesn't work (it just plays the loading animation continuously).

I am using the SIM in a samsung tablet, usb tethered to my home router. The internet connection is fine (resonably fast- 25-30 Mbps), but it doesn't seem to play any optus sport videos.

What should I do?


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Moderator Kartika

Re: Can't play any videos on optus sport

Hey Ashwini, sorry to hear about your Optus sports issue. So that we are on the same page just to reconfirm, you have a mobile phone with another provider and the Optus sports app works fine. However you also have a mobile broadband (tablet) service with us and it will not play the videos? Are you saying that your Samsung tablet is connected to your broadband modem through a USB Cable? Or are you tethering on your laptop / computer? Can I also confirm if you using the Optus sports app on the tablet or web browser? Have you tried to disconnect the usb cable and switch off Wi-Fi on the tablet so that you are directly connected to our cellular network and see if it works?

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