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Can't play Saturday Review Show using Optus Sport app on Apple TV


Having a issue playing the Saturday Review Show using the Optus Sport app on my Apple TV.


Whenever I try and watch this show I just get the spinning "loading" wheel and it won't go any further. You quite often get this loading symbol when you are about to watch something but usually it only lasts a few seconds, unfortunately this time it won't go any further. Have just left it for about 5 minutes to see if the show would eventually load but no luck.


It appears that the same show will load fine if I use my laptop and just go to Optus Sport website. I remember this same problem occurred a few years ago and was fixed after an update to the Apple TV app, looks like perhaps this is required again.


Which reminds me..... a few weeks ago I got up very early to watch the Man Utd game that had been played overnight before work. Although the game was available On Demand it did not appear in the Apple TV Optus Sport app to watch. As with the Review Show now I had to watch using my laptop off the Optus Sport website.


Again, it appears the Apple TV app needs some work.

Re: Can't play Saturday Review Show using Optus Sport app on Apple TV


Just wanted to add to post above......


Having now just watched the Saturday Review Show using the Optus Sport website on my laptop I encountered more problems. Several times during the show the picture froze and a spinning wheel (or more like a line going round in a circle) appeared which I assume was a buffering problem. This was usually only for a short period but twice this went on for somewhere between 60 - 90 seconds.


On top of that I would say that for about 20-25% of the show the image quality was so poor that I could barely see what was going on. This also occurred a lot when I had to watch the replay of a game via Optus Sport website because it was not available on the app on my Apple TV (as described in previous post).


From what I can see there is no problem with my download speed, and even if there was this is an Optus cable service so in my humble opinion the blame still lays in the same place.


To be honest I did think to myself about a month ago that it was a relief that Optus seemed to have finally got their act together with regards to the football streaming service but I may have jinxed myself as ever since I've encountered quite a few issues.


Apparently I get the NBN in my area next month..... theoretically this should improve things but I have to be honest and say that I'm predicting this will introduce a whole new set of problems. Can't wait.


Re: Can't play Saturday Review Show using Optus Sport app on Apple TV


Please log a case on the Optus Sport app.

1. Go to the Optus Sports app
2. Go to the menu in the top left hand corner
3. Go to Help & Support
4. Go to Log a case

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Re: Can't play Saturday Review Show using Optus Sport app on Apple TV


OK, so I suppose you've got to laugh at the irony.....


After having yet another problem with the Optus Sport Apple TV app I tried to follow your instructions about going to Help & Support to log a case but this doesn't work either.


The problem I'm having is that as I type in the box provided to describe the issue it does not scroll down to allow you to see what you are typing. Not the end of the world I thought until I'd finished describing the latest issue I'm having and wanted to get to the Submit button but am unable to do this due to the fact it will not scroll down, therefore not able to log a case at all. Obviously I have to do this on the Optus Sport app on my phone as you cannot log a case via Apple TV app.


Like I said I guess you have to laugh at the fact that even the Optus Sport Help & Support section of their app doesn't even work properly.


While I'm here can I'd like to also describe the problem I'm having which led me to want to log a case......

Tried to watch the reply of the England vs Czech Republic game but it will not play properly. When I tried to watch this replay it instead started about 2 minutes into the Portugal vs Ukraine game. I tried all the other games available for replay and they all work as expected, only the one I want to watch has issues.


I discovered I can "rewind" and manage to get to close to the start of the England game but if I pause the game when I press play again it returns to the Portugal game.


Seriously, it really is time you lot started providing the service being paid for

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