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Apple Watch SE - Optus Number Share Problem @Dan_C  and @Toomey  and @Aman_B

@Dan_C   and @Aman_B  @Ray_YC  @Toomey 

I've recently purchased an Apple Watch SE and have tried setting up the cellular. I received a text after setting up saying my "Samsung Galaxy Watch" is ready to use, which was weird and my cellular was still not working on my Apple Watch. So i reset everything and tried repairing the mobile plan, now it is giving me the message “Managing your service
Optus Number Share is currently active.
If you wish to manage Optus Number Share, please call Customer care on 133 937. A service representative will be able to assist you.
Thank you.”


I have been calling Optus Technical support and visited in store for the past week and nothing has been solved. I have unpaired and repaired the watch, reset network settings, updated both watch and iPhone. I have supposedly deactivated number sharing already according to the technical support team, but am still getting the message. Case Management team have also been unresponsive and not returning my calls/texts and i am unable to get ahold of them. 

I have been reading Yes Crowd Forums and it seems like the solution is to have back-end team completely remove number sharing from my account and then I should be able to start the process from scratch. Here are links to similar problems

Any help would be appreciated. It seems like Online Community Managers @Dan_C  and @Toomey  and @Aman_B   @Ray_YC  are able to resolve the issue for similar problems so any help is appreciated

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Re: Apple Watch SE - Optus Number Share Problem @Dan_C  and @Toomey  and @Aman_B

Hey @pengcheng7 - Thank you for sharing this.

You are correct, if you've had an existing Number Share device that is now changing over to another device, we will need to take a look and possibly transfer the service over. 

If you're yet to do so, please message our official Facebook or Twitter team for assistance and we can take it from there.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I’m part of the Yes Crowd team, employed by Optus to help run our online community.

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Re: Apple Watch SE - Optus Number Share Problem @Dan_C  and @Toomey  and @Aman_B

Hi @pengcheng7 

The process you've mentioned was the original solution; however this changed a few months back.

We did go in and update our Number Share article share article that's sitting up on our Help and & Support page

Essentially, you'll need to deactivate your Number Share profile from your old mobile device then reactivate your Number Share profile from your new device.

Check the steps under the heading, "Reactivate number share." Let us know if you have any luck with that one @pengcheng7 

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