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Where (hopefully 'when') will i see all the Premier league shows


Hi there


Only 4 days before the  season and i havent seen any of last years content insofar as The 'daily' Premier league Show,  fantasy footbll shows etc .... are these due any time soon or, god forbid, have they been removed .... grrrr hope not.


Just seen that one of the main presenters in the UK now hosts a Classical Music Radio Show.... did she chose to leave or are the shows cancelled.


Any ideas guys ? Thanks



Re: Where (hopefully 'when') will i see all the Premier league shows


Not sure. Optus posted this a while a go.


Peter Gillespie


Re: Where (hopefully 'when') will i see all the Premier league shows


Hey Blocky,

I can see there are Fantasy Premier League shows from 4am AEST this coming Friday, replayed from 5:30pm.

There is also a Wednesday Fantasy Update clip on the Optus Sport website under the EPL section, not sure if this is from a show earlier today.

Match Pack, Premier League World,  Previews, Reviews, Classic Matches, The Kelly & Wrighty Show, Fanzone, Matchday Live Extra, Goal Rush, etc. are all showing this season.

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