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Online Community Manager

Watching Optus Sport when you’re overseas

Hey guys, just a quick FYI:


We wanted to provide some information on watching the EPL & other Optus Sport content with your subscription while you’re travelling overseas.


Unfortunately, we only have the rights to deliver Optus Sport content here in Australia, so while you can tune into games nationally, it’s not possible to do so while you’re in another country. This includes on-demand content such as replays and game highlights.

That’s the way the licensing system works.


If you did want to catch up on any action you may have missed while you are away, you can record all your team’s matches with Team Tags  (You will need to have a Fetch Mighty set top box).



To set up a Team Tag, follow the steps below:

  • Select Optus Sport from the TV drop down menu on the home screen
  • Scroll all the way right and select teams
  • Select the teams you wish to tag
  • Set team tag


We also suggest the following:


Because matches can start late or go into overtime. You should consider increasing the ‘recording end’ time on your team tag.


Your Fetch box should be left on standby mode when you are not using it. This enables it to action the match recording(s) you’ve scheduled. You will be unable to receive new updates or action recordings if your set top box is switched off.


If you have any questions, you're welcome to post them below 🙂 

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New Contributor Amusgrav68
New Contributor

Re: Watching Optus Sport when you’re overseas

What about if you are an Australian citizen travelling overseas as I am?  With a VPN I can access 9 Now to watch the Aussie Open tennis.  I did that last night via a VPN. I can access Optus Sport but cannot load the videos? What is the go there?  I have googled and people tell me that using a VPN will allow me to watch Optus Sport. Surely there must be some allowance by Optus for Australian citizens who are accessing Optus Sport overseas as opposed to a foreigner?

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