The quality and framerate leave something to be desired




I recently subscribed to Optus Sport and whilst I love a lot of the elements of it, the actual online streaming is sub par.


The bit rate appears to be fairly low, even on best quality and the framerate seems to be locked at 30fps and their are also some frame pacing issues with occasional slow downs and speed ups.


This is in stark contrast to the Foxtel Go player which runs at 50/60fps and is almost indistinguishable from watching it in HD on my Foxtel box, the bitrate is that good.


I watch on my gaming PC with a wired 100Mb connection so neither of those are the issue.


Everything else about the service is great, I love the highlights and mini matches, they are perfect.


Just thought I would give feedback in case Optus didn’t think people cared about things like this. I was watching on the weekend with a friend and he remarked that it looked like an illegal stream.

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