Stopping Ball Blur on UHD TVs


Does anybody know how to stop the ball blur on Optus Sport using Fetch TV mini?

My Sony Bravia 55" UHD TV works brilliantly although I can't seem to use any live stream or play back football match on Fetch TV mini without the ball blurring especially when it is kicked in the air.

I first thought it was an issue with the TV but when watching games on SBS HD and other HD aerial channels there is no issue with ball blur.


Does anybody have a fix for this in the Optus Sport Fetch TV Mini settings?

Re: Stopping Ball Blur on UHD TVs


It may be a limitation of the data Optus is streaming. FTA TV uses 5 times more data than streaming to make the images.


Perhaps try turn off, or on, any motion assistance settings on the tv menu.


Peter Gillespie

Re: Stopping Ball Blur on UHD TVs


Thanks Peter. Sometimes these newer features can cause issues with streaming methods. I will give it a go when I get home from work tonight and report back.

Re: Stopping Ball Blur on UHD TVs


Don't know if you ever solved this or not, but I do have a fix for LIVE games..

Need to go to the Fetch Mini's menu and change the output to 1080i@50hz

I emphasise that it is interlaced and not progressive and 50hz.

I did that on my Samsung Q8 and it stopped all the flickering.

On demand is still crap though, can't do much about it but LIVE is where it is at anyway right?

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