Made an account just to say Optus should really make an effort to avoid spoilers, sounds like I'm not the only one frustrated.


A game late on a Sunday night may be watched by many on the Monday morning. When the home page of the app shows an Arsenal player celebrating, it's already pretty obvious they've won, which is annoying when you've woken up a few hours before work just to watch the full game. Don't see why it's necessary to plaster that photo where it's the first thing everyone sees.

Spoilers in Optus Sport!


Can you not have an image of a player celebrating on the Optus Sport home page.

I try to watch the Man Utd vs Arsenal game on demand and it's ruined straight away.

Re: Spoilers

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Thanks for letting us know. Your feedback has been passed on to our TV & Content team. 

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Re: Spoilers


Seems little has changed I logged on to watch the Nations League final and the image that loaded when I clicked to get to the international matches was a giant image of the winning team holding up the trophy, I guess that saved me 2 hours. But even when I watch relays of EPL games each week I need to be careful not to scroll I know the score is hidden but all the endless supporting bonus material is a clear give away. You need to tweak the interface to turn off all the extra crap and just deliver the games.

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