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New Contributor
New Contributor

Poor Quality

When is Optus going to step up their game? 


Foxtel has just announced they're going to be streaming content in 4K and here I am watching the EPLis what is claimed to be 720p. 


I like to watch my EPL on my projector via Chromecast. It's on a 120 inch screen. 1080p blu rays look fine, although I know that screen size is pushing the boundaries for 1080p, this is not the cause of the problem. Occassionally I also watch the games on my 24 inch computer monitor. It looks poor and grainy on both devices.


To get in before "can you check your internet connection?", my internet speed is usually 48 down, 19 up and I have no problem streaming 4K content from Netflix and Youtube on the same connection. If my internet was truly the problem and I could get a flawless service with faster internet, I'd gladly call my NBN provider and pay for the next speed pack, but my internet is more than capable.


Why is the Optus streaming so poor? We struggled through the World Cup and now we have another year of watching this sub-standard service? 720p is ridiculously poor and I'm getting sick of it. Optus paid a small fortune to have the rights, at least let the viewer watch them properly. If not, give it back to Foxtel; they always provide what I'm paying for and I have no problems watching their Champions League games. 

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