Optus Sports + Chromecast = Lag and Stutter Issue


Whenever I click on "Optus Sports 1" and I cast it to my Chromecast, without a doubt there is going to be stutter and lag.


Below are 2 videos of the issue that I am occurring. I've tried it on multiple devices ranging from iOS and Android. And I also tried hotspot my phone to the Chromecast to see if there was going to be a difference but still the same thing.


This has occurred for over 1 year now and still, no resolution has been resolved. 

*Latest Update Used from Optus Sports*


Re: Optus Sports + Chromecast = Lag and Stutter Issue


Hey @sandy180, sorry to see the issues here. How is your stream before casting? Does the same stopping/starting occur?


Troubleshooting for Chromecast is limited, from your end you can only restart the equipment which I'm assuming has been completed. I would recommend sending your details through to the TV & Content team here → Report a problem with TV or Content. They'll send you a reference number via SMS and follow up asap.

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