Optus Sport now available on NON-Optus ISP supplied Fetch boxes

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Hey guys, some great news for customers currently using a NON-Optus supplied Fetch set top box (provided by their own ISP).


Previously Optus Sport was only available to Fetch customers who either have a Fetch box from Optus, or who have a Fetch box from a retailer.


Optus Sport is now available to Fetch customers who have a Fetch box through a non-Optus ISP – Dodo, iPrimus, iiNet and Aussie Broadband.


Customers can use their existing Optus Sport account details to login to the Optus Sport app on a Fetch box.


You can use your existing Optus Sport login purchased via the Apple or Google Play app stores or purchased directly through Optus.


Attached are some images to get you started.


How to get started on non-Optus supplied Fetch Boxes (provided by non-Optus ISP's) 




  1. 1) We always suggest rebooting your Fetch Box (to ensure you have the latest firmware available for your set top box. 
  2. 2) From the Fetch main user interface, select Optus Sport from the drop-down header, "TV"





Navigate to the login ICON on the top right-corner of your screen




  1. 1) Use your existing Optus Sport credentials to sign in. 
  2. 2) Get ready to enjoy Optus Sport content on the big screen!


If there's any questions, please comment below. 




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