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Optus Sport Probs - Buffering/wheel of death/Pixalation




As of the last few months Im having problems with Optus Sport.

When streaming to my PC and streaming to the TV using the small Fetch Box.

When streaming a football match to the PC I get the game for up to 3 mins and then I get the wheel of death for minutes before the game starts again and then stops with the wheel again.

The same happens when streaming through the small Fetch box to my TV albeit the image just turns into Pixalation like the Minecraft game.

Just bought a brand new Modem(Netgar NIghthawk)

I notice that when streaming from other websites I have no issues.

How can it just be OPtus Sport?




Re: Optus Sport Probs - Buffering/wheel of death/Pixalation


Hi @Deanobeef, I'd really suggest logging a case via the Optus Sport web portal


How to log a case via the Optus Sport website


  1. Login to your Optus Sport account
  2. On the bottom right hand corner of your screen, you'll see a Help & Supportpop up window 
  3. From the Help & Support menu, click "log a case"
  4. Leave us with a summary of the issue (you can even attach screenshots if you wish) 


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Re: Optus Sport Probs - Buffering/wheel of death/Pixalation


I have the exact same problem... Did you get a fix from support? 


I used to have a TPLINK modem and pretty sure didn't have issue but then I bought a netgear (can't remember model) and started having issues. I swapped that one for a nighthawk netgear and still having issues. Like you said have no issues with any other sites streaming, netflix, youtube, bein sports you name it but optus sport works for a few minutes then always stops. 

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