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Hello there,


I am posting this hoping that someone from Optus will see this and be reminded that there is no Android TV app for Optus sport at present. Most streaming platforms have Android TV apps, and it would be great to have an Optus Sport version for 2 main reasons:

1.Chromecast is unreliable - casting often fails or stops and then wont reconnect. 

2. Android TV app would be far more convenient and easier to use - can control directly with a remote, and not have to rely on using a phone/tablet


Optus please consider releasing this Android TV app.


There was a brief period when I was able to sideload the FireTV Optus Sport App on to my AndroidTV and it worked great. subsequentupdates to Amazon/Android/Optus app stopped this from working as it was "sideloaded" but it did show what a great experience it could be to be able use Optus Sport directly from and Android TV/



Re: Optus Sport Android TV app


Echoing this! The Chromecast "workaround" is a steaming pile.


Totally unreliable and incredibly frustrating.


Both my mobile and Android TV have to be power cycled if I want to watch a second match.


Can somebody from Optus please acknowledge these complaints and advise why an Android TV app isn't available?


Do we need to remind you that this is a paid service? 

Re: Optus Sport Android TV app


Hi there,

Thanks for this valuable feedback.

We recommend logging a support case directly to the team via the Optus Sport app/website.

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