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Contributor RonWal

On Demand replay on updated Optus Sport app

The format of the App changed today.

I am no longer able to select Watch/Replay..... Now I have to select results/on demand.... So now I know the result before I can watch the match.

Why change the format? This is really annoying, was looking forward to watch the Ajax-Real Madrid Game.... Now I can watch it, but Optus has already shown me the result. What's the point of having On-Demand if you're showing the result....

Any moderators, please help.... watching matches live is not an option for many. And I was looking forward to watching the BATE-Arsenal match tomorrow when coming home from work.....

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Contributor RonWal

Re: On Demand replay

Smiley Very HappySmiley LOLSmiley Very Happy

OK, so the joke is on me.... I should try scrolling down before posting a complaint....but, in my defense, the drop down menu format disappeared as of today..... Anyway, all good.

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