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OS Fitness

I've recently decided that with the Winter football season once again on the horizon and having enjoyed one (maybe more than one...) too many beers/snacks over the summer that I should try and get into a bit better shape.

Is there any way of saving or favoriting videos in the OS Fitness selection? I want to try and plan ahead and so far spend 5-10 minutes choosing or finding a video I've previously located. I was hoping to have my videos for each morning ready to go so I can just get straight to it.

If this function isn't currently available is it something that could potentially come along in the future?

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Re: OS Fitness

Hey @lbailey338, thanks for reaching out. At the moment, there is no save or favourite feature - however its not a bad idea! We are always looking to better our customers experiences on the Optus Sport App and so I have gone ahead and flagged your message as feedback onto the relevant teams to review. Thanks for that! 

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