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Not available on android tv box still!!!

How much longer do we have to wait to get this on an android tv? Its already been 7 months since the EPL season started and we are still waiting. We are paying customers and we want it the android tv box. This is unacceptable! And please don't give us the standard answer...please advise on a date as to when we see it available on the android tv box? Or at least ask you development team what is their plan...we deserve that as we are paying customers!!!

Otherwise you are going to lose customers...especially me including my other services i have with optus. I am so frustrated watching in my phone...

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Re: Not available on android tv box still!!!

Hi @Jimstama, apologies for the delay in getting compatible app for android TV.  Our EPL team are still working on making EPL available on more devices. So sorry but we don't have an ETA on this yet. 

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Re: Not available on android tv box still!!!

How long does it take?

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