Is there anywhere to get real highlights? 2-3 minutes is not highlights. 


There are a number of illegal sites that offer 20-30 mins highlights and of course match of the day etc. however, if I am paying for it, would be good to get it legally. 


Re: Highlights?




I guess it's a matter of opinion but 2-3 minutes of highlights per each of the match of the round sounds like the norm.


We also do overnight goal highlights * top saves and the review show.


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Re: Highlights?


The highlights are a joke. You are butchering the beautiful game and have been since day 1. I can only hope, along with everyone else, that foxtel buy back the rights or that you take on board the feedback from people here and improve your service.


Why are there are no match highlights of any of the games from last night available yet? We don't want stupid 15 second clips of what you deem is relevant. We want at least 5 min highlights of all of the games including the interviews after. Some good anaylsis wouldnt go a miss also.


Why is there no review show from last nights game available yet? Optus should have people working overnight straight after the games to provide this. Shocking that you do not.


Your coverage and editing is terrible. Terrible highlights and not available for hours after games.

Re: Highlights?


Are you for real? 2-3 mins highlights from 90 minutes? It’s basicslly the goals. Are you really telling me nothing else happens in a game? 


Maybe watch match of the day, or any number of other review shows from around the world. If can stomach it look at the Foxtel coverage from previous years. 


I can even point you to some illegal highlights to get an idea of what the public actually want. 

Re: Highlights?


Sorry but 2-3 mins doesn’t cut the mustard. Value for money would deliver 15min highlights per game (minimum), ideally 30mins.


Very disappointing level of service!

Re: Highlights?


Hi @ChrisDandre - thanks for the feedback.


If it's helpful for you, there are also "Mini-Matches" available on Optus Sport which cover around 20-25 minutes of key areas of play.

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Re: Highlights?


I wasn’t aware of mini-matches, but looks perfect - great job👍 WIll this feature be available for EPL highlights also?


Re: Highlights?


Highlights are dreadful. Why have you removed the clock from broadcast? My first Optus sport World Cup experience just watched Russia v  Saudi highlights and no context at all. Russia playing right to left and next frame left to right. Did you let the work experience kid have a go?  Poor show 

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